Wheat extra white flour type 400

1 kg

Wheat flour, T-400, is a soft flour recognizable by its distinct white color and fine (fine) granulation. It is intended for the preparation of pastries, such as donuts, meki or panceroti, where we use yeast to grow the dough. This flour is obtained by removing the wrappers of grains and sprouts, which certainly reduces the amount of vitamins, but therefore increases the properties important for good baking of bakery products. Homemade pasta, white bread and different types of pastries cannot be made without this type of flour.     CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Water content up to 15% Ash content calculated on dry matter up to 0.45% Acid level up to 2.5 Allergen info: product contains wheat gluten Origin of goods: Republic of Serbia STORAGE METHOD Dry, clean, cool, ventilated place, without direct exposure light, protected from external influences. Best used until: Labeled on packaging Made in SERBIA Imported from SERBIA Net quantity: 1 kg