Storage and distribution

The storage capacities of Žitopromet-Mlinpek include reinforced concrete and metal silos located both in Stara Pazova and in Sremska Mitrovica. Their capacities are 30,000 and 40,000 tons, respectively, and they store wheat, sunflower, soybeans, corn, oilseed rapes, barley, and other cereals. Due to their quality and the storage-related safety protocols that are applied, Žitopromet-Mlinpek cereals find their way to new business partners every year.

The storage conditions are regularly checked and maintained by a team of top experts, who take good care of the quality and storage conditions of the stored goods. The quality of the cereals is monitored from the very start, i.e. at the entrance to the silo, then during the storage process, until the moment of product delivery to the mill or the end user. In addition to business cooperation with external global control companies, joint teams decide on the manner and place of storage of products.

In addition to the storage space, we also have equipment for drying field crops (so-called dryer).